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Thank you for your interest in helping our team at Stephens Ministries spread the love of God! You can be sure that all of the donations we receive will be used to expand our ministry and that we will utilize all our resources in serving Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

A Message From Rick Stephens

“Reflecting on my life, the thought of thankfulness overwhelms me!

I want to thank God for the wonderful life He has blessed me with, of which you are all a part of, and I thank God for all of you - each and every one!

May all the glory go to God for everything in my life, from the air I breathe to Stars and Sun in the sky, for the food I eat to the mountains and sea on the horizon, but most of all - for you and your beautiful light that shines in whatever way you choose to allow it to!

God Bless, and May peace and love be with you all!”

Rick Stephens